Strategic Services

Deputy Chief / Strategic Services Justin BatesThe Strategic Services Department provides program management and resource application to community risk reduction efforts of the District and oversees coordination of the support services functions to include logistics, fleet and facility maintenance, information technologies, data analysis, budget development and oversight, and the development and management of policies and procedures.  Through our systems of analysis and data driven decision making, the Strategic Services Department is tasked with collaborating with other stakeholders in the identification and prioritization of risks followed by the coordinated application of resources to minimize the probability of occurrence and the impact of risks within the community.

The Department is also tasked with coordinating all preventative and routine maintenance activities for the District’s eight stations, training facility, classrooms, and administrative building.  The Department also oversees the District’s Logistics program such as supply ordering, receiving, cataloging, and distributing. Logistical and program support is also provided across the other Departments.  The primary mission is to protect the public’s investment in emergency services facilities, fleet, and equipment and to ensure effective and uninterrupted emergency response by maintaining and supporting the District’s facilities and equipment assets.


Staff Contacts


Deputy Chief / Strategic Services

Information Technology Administrator

Captain / Community Risk Reduction

Administrative Assistant

Facilities / Logistics Technician

Logistics Support Technician