Ryan DickersonThe Training Division is led by Division Chief Ryan Dickerson and is responsible for delivering a variety of training programs, developing proper safety techniques and procedures, maintaining accurate and complete training records, and fostering professional growth and development for all members of the organization.

Safety and career development are key elements in the design of all training programs; therefore the District delivers an in-service training program that provides most of the necessary training for personnel to be safe, effective, and efficient. Training is a critical function of the District in that all members must constantly be prepared for a wide variety of very complex and stressful fire, medical, and/or rescue situations. All training is administered and delivered to meet or exceed standards set by Local, State, National, and/or any other governing institution.

In addition to the training and education requirements, the Training Department is also responsible for the safety program, health and wellness of personnel, budgeting, development, and maintenance of fire rescue protocols and performance guidelines, strategic planning, and goal setting. 


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