Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of five (5) District residents or property owners who are elected by the public to serve a four (4) year term.  The Board of Directors supervise the Fire Chief, establish district policies, adopt the budget and appoint Budget Committee and Civil Service Commission members.  Oregon Revised Statute 478.210 states, The power and authority given to the district, except as otherwise provided, is vested in and shall be exercised by a board of five directors.  The five volunteer Directors make all decisions as a unit, individual decisions are invalid.  The Directors normally meet on the third Thursday of each month at 5:15 pm at the Administration Office located at 8383 Agate Road in White City.  There is always a public comment section on the agenda to allow for members of the community to address their elected official

Harvey Tonn (President)
Term Expires 6/19

Cindy Hauser (Vice President)
Term Expires 6/21

John Dimick (Secretary/Treasurer)
Term Expires 6/19

Steve Shafer (Director)
Term Expires 6/21

Bill Leavens (Director)
Term Expires 6/19

Budget Committee

In addition to the five (5) elected Board Members, the Budget Committee consists of five (5) District registered voters that are appointed by the Board and serve a three (3) year term.  The volunteer Committee members review the proposed budget, make recommendations, and approve the budget for the following fiscal year.  The Board of Directors is responsible for adoption of the budget.

John Rachor
Term Expires 12/21

Rob Hernandez
Term Expires 12/19

Steve Weber
Term Expires 12/19

Ken Cummings
Term Expires 12/20    

Tim Snaith 
Term Expires 12/20

Civil Service Commission

The Board of Directors appoint three (3) individuals to the Civil Service Commission and one (1) Chief Examiner and serve a four (4) year term.  The Commission is responsible for adopting the Civil Service Rules, administration of all Civil Service exams, maintaining entrance and promotional registers, and working cooperatively with the Fire Chief to certify qualified candidates for Civil Service positions.

Bill Littlefield (Chair) 
Term expires 6/22

Dan Patterson (Commissioner)
Term expires 6/19

Erik Bloemendaal (Commissioner)
Term expires 6/21

Margie Calvert (Chief Examiner)





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