Training & Safety

Division Chief / Training Dave BlakelyThe Training Department is responsible for the coordination and delivery of training to all members including administration, board of directors, operations personnel, fire and life safety, maintenance, volunteers, and technology. Safety and career development are key elements in the design of all training programs; therefore the District delivers an in service training program that provides most of the necessary training for personnel to be safe, effective, and efficient. Additionally, outside training opportunities are supported based on the benefit to the employee and the District. All training is administered and conducted in accordance with standards set by Local, State, National and/or any other governing institution. Training is a critical function of the District in that all members must constantly be prepared for a wide variety of very complex and stressful fire, medical, and/or rescue situations. In addition, the Training Department oversees the District’s safety program, promoting a safe attitude and ensuring personnel have a safe work environment.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Dave Blakely Division Chief / Training & Safety
Stephanie Cowan Administrative Assistant