How Do I Obtain A Burn Permit And What Are The Rules For Outside Burning?

Burn Permits are required within the boundaries of Fire District 3 for all outside residential burning. No commercial or demolition burning is allowed. Permits may be obtained in person from the Central Point, Eagle Point or White City fire stations, by calling the Business Office at 541-826-7100, or download and print here: Burn Permit . Burning of yard debris is permitted in the District. The Burn Permit lists items that cannot be burned as well as precautionary requirements. Outside burning represents a potential fire and air quality hazard. Therefore outside burning is only allowed under certain conditions during specific times of the year.

If you have a permit, call 541-776-7007 to determine if it is a burn day. You will hear a recorded message that is updated at 7:00 a.m. each day.

You will receive a new permit, through the mail, prior to the beginning of each year. If the name or address on your permit changes at any time during the year, please contact the Business Office at 541-826-7100 in order to update the information on your permit.

How Do I Apply To Become A Volunteer Firefighter?

Please refer to the Volunteers tab under the Departments section at the top of the website, or drop in at our White City Station, to obtain a Volunteer application. You must be at least 18 years old, have a valid Oregon Driver’s License, be a High School graduate or have a GED equivalent and successfully pass a drug screen and driving/criminal background check.

How Do I Apply To Become A Paid, Fulltime Firefighter?

The District uses a civil service process to maintain an eligibility roster. The District advertises and accepts applications from qualified applicants at about 18 month intervals. Those that meet the minimum qualifications are invited to participate in a variety of tests (written, physical agility, and oral interview). Those applicants who pass all elements of the testing process are placed on an eligibility list in ranked order based on the scores from the testing process. The application and testing process takes up to three months. Job offers are based on final interview starting with the applicants from the top of the list. Prior to any final job offer, the applicant must successfully pass a fit for duty medical exam and a full background check. Contact the Business Office at 541-826-7100 to obtain information on civil service and future testing dates.

What Should I Do If My Neighbor Is Burning And It Is Not An Authorized Burn Day?

Call 911 and report that someone is burning.

What Happens If My Minor Child Starts A Fire?

The most important thing you can do is to take steps to stop this dangerous behavior before it gets out of control. Call our office at 541-826-7100 to speak with someone about this safety issue.

We can offer you educational materials and the opportunity for you and your child to go to a fire safety education class. This class, sponsored by Jackson County, is part of a successful model program in the State of Oregon.

How Do I Know If My Property Is In Jackson County Fire District 3?

There are two (2) ways to determine if your property is located within the boundaries of the District. You may contact the Business Office at 541-826-7100 with your address, or check your most recent tax statement. The District will be listed along with the other taxing districts. If your statement lists “Jackson County Fire Dist 3,” or “Central Point RFPD #3” your property is in the District. If your property is in another fire district, that district will be listed. You may see the term “Fire Patrol” which refers only to Oregon Department of Forestry protection. If no fire district is listed, your property currently has no structural fire protection.

My Property Is Not In a Fire District, What is the Process For Annexation?

Contact the Business Office at 541-826-7100 or send an e-mail to request that a District representative contact you to discuss possible annexation. The answer will depend upon the location of your property.

Where Is The Nearest Fire Station?

The District has seven (7) fire stations. You may check the fire station link below for more detailed information. It may be possible that your property is within the Fire District but the closest fire station is in Medford or Jacksonville. If you are not certain which station is closest, call 541-826-7100.

Click here to see where Jackson County Fire District No. 3 Stations are located at

What Services Does The Fire District Provide?

Services include structural and wildland fire response, emergency medical response, hazardous material response, swift-water rescue and high angle rescue services. Jackson County Fire District 3 also provides free address signs and burn permits for District residents. We will also provide and install smoke alarms for low income families and seniors that need them. Residents may also get assistance on child car seat installation, home fire safety inspections, public education displays, blood pressure checks and group fire station tours. Please contact the Business Office at 541-826-7100 for tour information. We provide  fire extinguisher training and classes for businesses on predetermined training dates. Please contact the Business Office at 541-826-7100 for scheduling.

Where Can I Find a First Aid or CPR Class?

The Fire District does not provide First-Aid or CPR classes. You may contact the American Red Cross for class information at 541-779-3773.

Will the District Fill my Swimming Pool?

No, the District does not fill swimming pools or spas. There are private water service providers that can provide this service for you.

Does the District Recharge Fire Extinguishers?

No, we do not recharge fire extinguishers. There are private fire extinguisher companies that will provide that service for you.

Will the District Inspect my Woodstove and/or Chimney?

No, the Fire District does not inspect chimneys or woodstoves. For chimney and woodstove inspections, contact Jackson County, Building Department at 541-776-7554.

How Is The Fire Insurance Protection Class For My Property Determined?

The fire insurance rating (ISO rating) is one of the factors used by insurance companies to determine property insurance premiums. If your property is in the District and is within 1,000 feet to a fire hydrant, your ISO rating is a class 3.  If your property is in the District and within five road miles of a fire station, the ISO rating is a Class 4. If your property is more than five miles from a station, it is rated a Class 10. Contact us at 541-826-7100, for more specific information.


Do The Fire Stations Have Meetings Rooms That The Public Can Use?

Yes. Several of the stations have meeting/classroom facilities appropriate for small community and/or civic group meetings. Contact the Business office at 541-826-7100 to obtain information and schedule classroom usage.

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