District Profile

The District’s vision is to reduce or eliminate the risk from fire, rescue, and medical events in the    communities we serve. This vision is intended to make sure that you, our customer, receive the best    possible service for your tax dollars. We strive to meet this vision in everything we do.

The District provides fire suppression, emergency medical, and rescue services to just over 54,000 residents living in the communities of Central Point, White City,    Eagle Point, Gold Hill, Sams Valley, Dodge Bridge, and Agate Lake. The District’s 64 full-time employees and 18 volunteers work from four career stations and four    volunteer stations to provide coverage to the 167 square miles that encompass the District. The District responded to 8,368 emergency incidents in 2019.

The District provides technical rescue services for those who are trapped or hurt on the river or when climbing or hiking in the rugged environment and is authorized by the State of Oregon to provide medical transport when Mercy Flights Ambulance is delayed.


The four career fire stations are located in Central Point, White City, and Eagle Point. The four career stations are supervised by a Battalion Chief working from the White City station 24/7.

The District has opened its fourth career fire station which is a temporary facility located on District owned property at 5195 Table Rock Road. The District will openng a permanent site in early June of 2020.

The four volunteer fire stations are located in Gold Hill, Sams Valley, Dodge Bridge, and Agate Lake. These stations generate a response from resident volunteers who either live in the station or in a manufactured home on the station property. Volunteers living in the rural community also add to the emergency response. All incidents in the volunteer station areas receive a response from the career stations to ensure 100% of the incidents are covered.

The Fire Prevention department is staffed with a Fire Marshal and two Deputy Fire Marshals who inspect commercial occupancies, conduct plans review for           commercial construction, investigate all fires, and provide public education. The department works closely with business and industry to promote growth and to assist them with meeting the requirements of the fire code and with the community to reduce risk.


Jackson County Fire District 3 is organized as a Special District under ORS Chapter 478.  It was originally formed as the Central Point Rural Fire Protection District on July 28, 1952.  The District is governed by an elected five-member Board of Directors which meets on the third Thursday of every month at the Administration Building in White City at 5:15pm. The public is welcome to attend this meeting.

The District has a permanent tax rate of $3.1194 per $1,000 of assessed value. Total budgeted revenue from taxes collected for fiscal year 2019/20 is 14,350,000. The District maintains a minimum of 9% of property tax revenue for contingency and 24% in ending fund balance. This provides the cash necessary to cover expenses at the beginning of the fiscal year until the first tax payments are collected and distributed by the County. The total general fund budget for fiscal year 2019/20 is $20,379,100.

The total budget for all funds for fiscal year 2019/20 is 29,308,500.