Fire Adapted Communities

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Jackson County Fire District 3 is a proud member of the Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) Learning Network, The Network is an active, engaged and growing network of individuals and organizations who exchange information and collaborate to enhance the practice of fire adapted communities, and work together at multiple scales to help communities live safely with fire. This includes embracing resilient concepts and taking action before, during and after wildfires.

Fire Adapted Communities are neighborhoods located in wildfire-prone areas that can survive wildfire with little or no assistance from firefighters. Jackson County is currently ranked #1 in the State for wildfire activity due to its topography, weather and history of wildfire in the area. During a wildfire, Fire Adapted Communities can reduce the potential for loss of human life and injury, lessen damage to homes and infrastructure and reduce firefighting expenses.

FAC acknowledges fire as being part of a healthy and natural landscape. The community also understands its fire risk, and takes action before a wildfire to minimize harm to residents, homes, businesses, parks, utilities, and other community assets. These collective actions enable communities to be safer in their environment. To help prepare your community, consider your role in making it fire adapted:

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Download a free home wildfire risk assessment and checklist at This tool will identify your home’s vulnerability to embers and flames and offer effective, affordable solutions.