The overarching goal of the Volunteer/Intern Department is to actively support the District’s mission of protecting life and property through public education, prevention activities, and emergency response services. The Volunteer/Intern Department strives to attain this goal through the efforts of nearly thirty motivated and community-minded individuals. The Volunteer/Intern Department plays a crucial role in achieving the District’s newly established prevention and response targets in the rural community.

Prospective volunteers and interns are recruited through various methods. After they complete the application and entry-level screening process, they are placed in a Firefighter-I Academy where they receive specialized training. Upon academy graduation, volunteers are assigned to either a career fire station or a volunteer station; the interns are assigned to a career station where they reside, train, and respond to alarms with on-duty firefighters.

Volunteers are neither paid nor receive benefits. The District does pay a nominal reimbursement to help offset the volunteers’ expenses. Volunteers are recognized for their longevity through years of service awards and for special achievements at the District’s annual Awards Banquet. Interns receive tuition reimbursement up to $1,500 per quarter for assistance in attaining their Associates Degree in Fire Science. Reimbursement is paid at the end of each quarter with verification of expenses paid and passing grades.


Please email Volunteer applications to VolunteerApplications@jcfd3.com