Vision – What do we really want?

To reduce and eliminate risk from fire, rescue, and medical events in the communities we serve

Mission – What is our purpose?

To protect life and property through public education, prevention activities, and emergency response services

Organizational Vision Statements

  • Prevention activities that are reducing risks from fire, rescue and medical events
  • Exceptional people with quality equipment who are arriving on the emergency scene at the right time
  • Members who are enthusiastic, motivated, and empowered
  • Members who are engaged with the community, sharing a sense of destiny with District patrons
  • Leadership from the Board of Directors and the Management Team that is clear and concise
  • An organization that is fiscally stable and prepared for the future

Values- How do we act?

Honesty and integrity: Don’t be afraid of the truth. Do the right thing, even if it hurts.

Professionalism: Take pride in your work, display confidence, be accountable, and respect each other.

Safety: Make personal, team, and the public’s safety a priority.

Teamwork: Be receptive to the sharing of differing ideas. Play your position; help each other but don’t walk on each other.

Health: Maintain physical and mental well-being.

Strategic Priorities

PRIORITY #1: Minimize the direct and indirect impacts associated with fire, EMS, and Rescue emergencies.

PRIORITY #2: Ensure sustainability of service delivery (people, facilities, fleet, and finance).

PRIORITY #3: Promote, develop, and support craftsmanship, innovation, and excellence throughout the organization.

PRIORITY #4: Promote community involvement with the District and satisfaction of the patrons.

PRIORITY #5: Develop and strengthen collaborative strategic partnerships.