Barn Destroyed in Eagle Point Fire

For Immediate Release                                            

Contact: Ashley Lara 541-274-9307

Date: April 1, 2016

Barn Destroyed in Eagle Point Fire

Around 9:00 a.m. on Thursday morning, Fire Direct 3 (FD3) crews were dispatched to a reported structure fire located behind Eagle Point High School. The caller stated that there was a barn on fire and the school was in close proximity.

Five FD3 engines, including a wildland engine and ladder truck responded to the scene. Upon arrival, firefighters encountered a large barn on fire with 15-foot flame lengths. Crews quickly began a defensive attack on the fire in an effort to stop the spread to the fence line and nearby vehicles. Though the barn was located on the border of the schools property, there was no immediate threat to the school or students.

Crews worked on the fire for over an hour spraying water, foam and even used the aerial ladder truck. The second story of the barn was completely consumed by fire and the roof caved in from the second story. Due to a quick response, crews were able to salvage many of the contents inside the building. The tenants of the home were not present when the fire began, and there were no injuries reported.

A fire investigator was assigned to the fire to determine the cause. After looking at burn patterns, conducting interviews and collecting evidence, the fire has been deemed undetermined.