District 3 Awarded 300k for Fuels Reduction

For Immediate Release Contact: Ashley Lara 541-274-9307
Date: November 6, 2015

District 3 Awarded 300k for Fuels Reduction

Jackson County Fire District 3 in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Forestry have been awarded $300,000 from the Western States Fire Managers for fuels reduction. Grant money is available now, and will continue to be administered outside of wildfire season (between the months of October-July).

Grants of $500 per acre are now available to District 3 residents between Eagle Point and Gold Hill. Grants are written to remove and modify fire-prone vegetation near homes. Fire-prone vegetation such as juniper, cypress, blackberry, and other conifers may pose a hazard to homes in a wildfire. To participate in the program, residents must first obtain a Wildfire Safety Home Assessment that will include site-specific recommendations for creating defensible space around a structure.

To be eligible for reimbursement, work should follow the suggestions made during the Wildfire Safety Home assessment, and be within 30-150 feet of a home. A homeowner or a contractor can perform the work and all debris must be removed from the site before reimbursement. Residents have a year to complete the work. To schedule a Wildfire Safety Home assessment, call the Oregon Department of Forestry, at 541-664-3328.

All efforts made toward creating defensible space around homes support District 3 goal of becoming a Fire Adapted Community (FAC). Fire is a natural part of our environment in Jackson County. As we choose to live in areas where wildfires occur, the community must adapt the way we design, build and live within these areas to prepare our communities for wildfire. A fire adapted community understands its risks and takes actions that minimize harm to residents, homes, businesses, parks, and other community assets. To learn more about FAC, please visit www.fireadapted.org.
FAC -Fire Adapted Communities
Neighbor to Neighbor. Neighbors are linked by their wildfire risk. If one home is inadequately prepared, the risk level to the entire neighborhood increases, and …
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