Jackson County Fire District 3 Honored at Annual EMS Conference

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Date: September 28, 2015


Jackson County Fire District 3 Honored at Annual EMS Conference

Fire District 3, Jackson County Sheriff, Mercy Flights and Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center Emergency Department were honored at this year’s annual Oregon EMS conference in Salem. The award was presented to personnel who responded to a vehicle crash involving a minivan and a logging truck on Butte Falls Hwy in April of 2015.

The Oregon EMS Awards Program is intended to recognize excellence, foster achievement, and honor those in and around EMS Systems. The award focuses on the acts and deeds that stand out from the day-to-day excellence of that system. District 3 was nominated for their work by Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center for the EMS crews who showed extreme skill and fortitude as they worked quickly to extricate the critically injured victims. There was impeccable communication between Fire District 3, JCSO, Mercy Flight and Asante during the incident. This was a true example of an emergency system that worked and all teams were able to come together when resources were stretched to the point of breaking.

There are a number of Oregon EMS recognized awards available; District 3 was presented with the esteemed Unit Citation. A Unit Citation is the highest award bestowed to a group for their combined actions at the scene of an incident where teamwork is put to the test in life or death situations. The award also recognizes acts of organizations, units, or specially constituted teams in providing emergency prehospital care or EMS system support activities under extreme circumstances.

We would like to congratulate and recognize the following:

Paramedic, Donald Manning

Paramedic, Nathan Rose

Paramedic, Kelly Harrington

Paramedic, Clayton Mattson

EMT, Jason Allen

EMT, Mike Calhoun

EMT, Intermediate Damon Hoffman

Firefighter, TJ Alvarez

Chaplain, Lorin Myers




From the left: Deputy Chief Mike Hussey, Firefighter Nate Rose, Firefighter Kelly Harrington, Captain Jason Allen, Student Firefighter TJ Alvarez and Battalion Chief Michael Calhoun.