Fire Season Begins Today June 2, 2014

Fire season starts 6/2/14


Fire Danger Level

The Public Regulated Use restrictions now in effect include:

  • No debris burning, except in burn barrels for which a permit has been issued. Obtain a burn barrel permit from the ODF unit office nearest to your property’s location. Burn barrel use will not be allowed after June 30.
  • No fireworks in forests or other wildland areas. Fireworks are also prohibited on all federal lands, and state and county campgrounds.
  • Exploding targets and tracer ammunition may not be used in forests or other wildland areas.
  • Mowing and equipment usage is allowed.

In the Wild & Scenic Section of the Rogue River between Grave Creek and Marial, the following restrictions are now in effect:

  • Campfires are allowed only in fire pans or on fire blankets placed on sand or gravel bars between the river and the high water mark. Fires must not be started in areas where there is vegetation.
  • Smoking is allowed only on sand or gravel bars between the river and the high water mark. Smoking areas must be free of flammable vegetation.
  • Travelers must carry a shovel and a bucket with a capacity of at least one gallon.

Under Industrial Fire Precaution Level 1:

  • Operations are required to have fire suppression tools and water at the work site at all times.
  • Watchman service must be provided at the job site.

For more information, contact the Southwest Oregon District’s unit offices:


Medford Unit

5286 Table Rock Rd.

Central Point, OR 97502

(541) 664-3328

Fax: (541) 664-4340


Grants Pass Unit

5375 Monument Dr.

Grants Pass, OR 97526

(541) 474-3152

Fax: (541) 474-3158