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Oregon Department of Forestry

Open and barrel burning will be prohibited in Jackson County Fire District 3. If you live outside of the District in ODF protected lands, barrel burning is allowed with a permit. Please follow link above for more information.

Fire Season Regulations

Fire season begins Monday, June 3, at 12:01 a.m. on the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Southwest Oregon District. The district protects 1.8 million acres of state, private, county and Bureau of Land Management forestlands in Jackson and Josephine counties.
The public regulated use fire danger level will be moderate (blue), and the Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) will be 1 (one).

The following public regulated use restrictions will go into effect on Monday:

  • Debris burning is prohibited, except in burn barrels for which a permit has been issued;
  • The use of fireworks on forestlands is prohibited;
  • The use of exploding targets is prohibited;
  • The use of tracer ammunition or any bullet with a pyrotechnic charge in its base is prohibited.

In the Wild and Scenic Section of the Rogue River between Grave Creek and Marial:

  • Smoking is prohibited while traveling, except in boats on the water and on sand and gravel bars that lie between water and high water marks that are free of vegetation;
  • Open fires are prohibited including campfires, charcoal fires, cooking fires and warming fires. Campfires built in fire pans or on fire blankets are allowed on sand and gravel bars that lie between water and high water marks that are free of vegetation. Ashes must be hauled out;
  • Travelers must carry a shovel and a bucket with a capacity of at least one gallon;
  • Fireworks are prohibited.

Under IFPL 1, industrial operations on forestlands are required to have fire tools and water for fire suppression on site. Watchman service must also be provided.
For more information about fire season regulations, contact the Southwest Oregon District’s unit offices:

5286 Table Rock Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502
(541) 664-3328 Fax: (541) 664-4340